We're invested

We offer advice, support and help where needed

Carrots from the Dutch Carrot Group are grown in fertile, Dutch soil. They’re enjoyed fresh from the fields by people all over the world. That's why our carrots are grown by seasoned farmers with a passion for their crops!

At the Dutch Carrot Group, we believe in the strength of cooperation. By offering our farmers help and support at all times, we make sure every carrot meets quality checks and standards. We give advice on different varieties of crops, help out during the harvest, provide our farmers with transport, and offer the use of our own nationwide cool and wash installations. This way we can provide our retailers with requested information at any given time, and we can ensure a strong global market for farmers throughout the country.

About the Dutch Carrot Group

In 2009, leading carrot companies Agrifirm Plant, Koop Landbouw, and Hiemstra, joined forces to form the Dutch Carrot Group. Together they wanted to meet the increasing demands of retailers to be supplied with fresh produce all year round. Today, the Dutch Carrot is able to meet these demands by controlling the entire production process. From planting the seeds to delivery to the shops, the Dutch Carrot Group is invested in every step of the way.