Our Common Line

The carrots in our Common line are grown in the Netherlands by experienced farmers. We make use of varieties such as the Nerac and the Norway. During cultivation, we farm with attention to the environment. We control the entire food chain to ensure we can deliver carrots that are safe for people and environment.



The carrots in our Common line are responsibly sown, grown, harvested, stored and processed in the Netherlands.


In the Common line, our farmers grow a selection of different carrots, including the Nerac and the Norway.

Features (flavour)

The flavour of the carrots in our Common line is comparable to that of the Organic line. They’re defined by their sweet and juicy taste. The carrot is crunchy, kind on the eye, has a vibrant colour, and stores well.


Early carrots from the Common line are available from July until September. Stored carrots are available from October until March. Early carrots stay in the fields until they’re harvested on demand. Stored carrots are harvested, and stored in their soil in cooling installation until they’re ready to be consumed.


Market - fresh

10kg net bag, 10kg plastic, 1100kg big bag.

Retail market

10kg net bag, 10kg plastic, 5kg plastic, 12x1kg plastic, 10x1kg plastic, 15x1kg cardboard box, 5kg in EPS (European Pool System), 12kg in EPS, 20kg in EPS.


Big bags loose on lorry.