Our Specialties line

With our Specialties line we offer gorgeous and tasty carrots of rare varieties. As with our other carrots, we are dedicated to people and environment in the cultivation of the Specialties line. Every carrot has its own unique colour, taste and look. The carrots from the Specialties line are cultivated in the Netherlands by our experienced farmers.



All carrots in the Specialties line of the Dutch Carrot Group are grown and cultivated in the Netherlands.


Included in our Specialties line are the Snow Man F1, YellowBunch F1, Creme de Lite F1, Rubyprince F1, CreamPak F1, and the Purple Elite F1.

Features Snow Man F1

The Snow Man F1 is a big and vigorous, bright white carrot, with a good flavour.

Features Creme de Lite F1

The Creme de Lite F1 is a carrot with a bite. It has a firm peel, is creamy white, and has a refined flavour.

Features YellowBunch F1

The YellowBunch F1 has a nice bright yellow colour, inside and out. It is big and vigorous and has good flavour.

Features Rubyprince F1

The Rubyprince F1 is cylindrical in form and is bright red. The carrot is crunchy, and has an excellent flavour.

Features CreamPak F1

The CreamPak F1 has a mild yellowish colour somewhere between off-white and yellow. The carrot is firm, has a smooth peel and a great flavour.

Features Purple Elite F1

The Purple Elite F1 is a bright purple cylindrical carrot. It’s purple on the outside, and yellow on the inside.


Market - fresh

10kg net bag, 10kg plastic, 1100kg big bag.

Retail market

10kg net bag, 10kg plastic, 5kg plastic, 12x1kg plastic, 10x1kg plastic, 15x1kg cardboard box, 5kg in EPS (European Pool System), 12kg in EPS, 20kg in EPS


Big bags loose on lorry